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Love Your Job

INJOY believes you should love the work you do! We are dedicated to recruiting, training, and placing the top Personal Assistants in the industry. We know the only way a placement works is if it's a win-win relationship for both you and the family. That means, getting to know you and your needs is our priority!

Qualified Candidates

  • Value clear communication

  • Are natural born care takers

  • Enjoy performing household tasks

  • Are excellent multitaskers

  • Have a keen eye for detail

  • Are timely and reliable

  • Are always two-steps ahead

  • Work well independently

  • Have a valid driver's license

  • Have a CPR/First Aid Certification when applying to positions with children


How It Works

1. Apply

If you fit the criteria above and would like to be considered as a candidate, please fill out an application.


2. In-Person or Zoom Interview(s)

This is a time for us to get to know you. We'll learn all about your strengths and preferences. During this time, we'll answer any of the questions you might have.

3. Vetting Process

Our candidates go through a rigorous interview process. This includes a reference check, in-depth social media review, 10 panel drug screening, motor vehicle report, and a thorough background check.

4. Get Matched

Based on your specific criteria, we will present your profile to potential families. If a family is interested in meeting, we proceed to step four.

5. Family Interview(s)

Pending a positive outcome of our vetting process, we will help coordinate a time for you and the family to meet and interview in-person. 


6. Receive a Job Offer

When a family decides you're their ideal candidate, they will present you with a job offer. INJOY strongly suggests employers offer $20+ an hour.

7. Begin Training

Prior to your first day, you will complete INJOY Academy. This online training course teaches you how to level up your Personal Assistant skills. We want you to show up with confidence and wow your family from day one!

8. Post Placement Check-in 

Once you're placed with a family, INJOY will reach out to ensure you're doing well in your new role.

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