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Hey there, I'm Tessa! If you're here, you and I probably have a lot in common. We're driven individuals, with an entrepreneurial spirit, who value family, and are adamant we spend our time doing something we love. 

Let me guess, that's harder to do than say.

What if I told you, I've cracked the code on achieving all of that and more? INJOY Academy was designed with you in mind! I'll teach you how to take charge of your career and make a living helping others!

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Job Description


As a personal assistant, you'll work in the homes of one or more local families accomplishing household to-do's. You'll determine your hourly rate and set your work hours. Your services might include...


Define Your Goal


Whether your goal is to work part-time or manage a team yourself, INJOY is your solution! With more than 15 years of experience and having run a successful personal assistant business with over 1,000 bookings to date, I've taken everything I've learned and compiled it into two virtual training courses.





Learn to run a profitable personal assistant business! This 5 day course teaches you the foundations of providing an exceptional personal assistant service to local families in your area. 
This sounds like a dream!



Learn how to lead with confidence! In this 10 day course, I'll teach you everything in basic training plus the tools and resources you'll need to scale your business far beyond a one-man-show.
Take me to the top!

Ready to get started?

Today is the day! Let's go!


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What's Stopping You?


Below are ten attributes that describe an ideal candidate for INJOY and ample success beyond training.

Successful assistants are...

  • Motivated to achieve their best self
  • Place a high value on clear communication
  • Long to be their own boss
  • Genuinely love to help others
  • Understand continued education is key to long-term success
  • Aren't afraid to ask questions
  • Can multitask with their eyes closed
  • Are open to constructive criticism from clients
  • Have a keen ability to manage time
  • Find enjoyment in completing household tasks

If this sounds like you, I have no doubts you're a perfect fit here!

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Looking to Hire an Assistant?

We've got you covered! We're experts in the personal assistant field and soon our INJOY affiliates will be popping up around the nation. To stay in the loop, fill out the form below!