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If you've dreamt of running your own business, I can relate! That entrepreneurial itch just can't be satisfied with your run of the mill job. When I started INJOY in 2017, I had no clue the opportunity that lie ahead. What began as a side gig, turned into my wildest dreams come true!

Now, I'm handing you the baton. I'll give you a playbook so you can dodge every obstacle I faced and sail off into sunset where dreams really do become reality.

Ready, set, go!

Lydia C.


"I wish I knew this opportunity existed earlier! I've never been happier at work. I'm beyond grateful for the training and support Tessa has offered me through INJOY. For once, I'm in control of my career!"

This 10 Day Virtual Course Includes

Every lesson from, Be Your Own Boss, plus...

Get in Front of Your Target Audience

Having the skills and know-how doesn't do you any good unless you're on display for potential clients to see. I'll teach you how to connect, impress, and secure your clients.

Invoicing Your Clients

...because after all, you've got to get paid! Invoicing your clients correctly, at the right time, unapologetically, is crucial for your financial stability. You'll learn how to do this seamlessly, with a smile on your face.

Tax & Legal Responsibilities

Yeah...this isn't your definition of fun, but it sure is necessary. Being your own boss and building a team comes with legal obligations. Don't worry! I've done all of the research for you so that all you need to do is put it in action. It's not as scary as it pretends to be.

When to Grow Your Team

Timing is everything because having a team comes with obligations! Obligations you're equipped to handle, but only when it's a win-win-win for you, your team and the client. You'll learn how to identify key factors that will let you know, it's time to grow.

On Boarding Team Members

You can't just hire anyone to represent you and your company; your reputation is on the line! Learn how to find, interview, vet and train the right people to represent your business well!


How to Manage Your Team

Whether or not you've managed a team before doesn't (necessarily) matter because managing a team of assistants comes with its own certain finesse. If you can learn to empower your team and support them at their foundation, you're destined for success.

When to Say Yes & When to Say No

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of especially not you! Believe it or not, you have every right to say 'yes' and 'no'. I'll teach you how to walk this tightrope with professionalism!

Stretch Yourself

No one wants to think about it, but the truth is, seasons will come where we have to be stretched beyond our comfort zone. (Ahem, the pandemic for example.) Instead of falling victim to these scenarios, we'll discuss how to stay on top of unforeseeable challenges so you can remain cool as a cucumber and lead like a boss.

Ongoing Support

In case you thought you could do it alone, remember that life with others is far more beautiful and rewarding than life alone. I'm here to celebrate your successes, answer your questions and be your sounding board because when you run your own company, you need that one person who's willing to listen, brainstorm and applaud you! (*Additional fees apply.)

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Lessons Included From, Be Your Own Boss

Best Practices 101

From where to park, to going above and beyond, to final walk throughs, you'll learn INJOY's top 10 best practices that will make your client's say, "Ooooeeee! _____ is the best!". 

Fold & Tuck

If you thought making a bed was just...makin' a bed, you thought wrong! There is a right way and a wrong way to make beds, fold towels, and fluff pillows. I'll teach you how!

Identify Your Niche

Whether you know your secret sauce or have yet to discovery it, we'll pinpoint that thing that makes you one hot commodity so you can put it on display for all of your client's to see!

Set Your Rate

Your assistance is in high demand! We'll factor in where you live, your experience and what services you offer to come up with your rate because good help isn't easy to come by!

Be Professional, be professional. (Cue Bring It On cheer moves.) These 3 lessons will set you apart from the crowd because providing a professional service isn't as easy as it sounds.

Determine Your Process

On boarding new clients is crucial to your success. You've got to know what to ask them and when! You'll learn how to create a process that results in a win-win!


Flex Your Skills

Each and every one of your clients will have different needs and preferences. I'll teach you how to pivot and flex your skills, proving your adaptability, and ensuring your client's happiness.

First Impressions Matter

Often times, your clients know they need help, but they don't know where to start. Show up, ready to lead the convo, putting their mind at ease that you're the right person for the job.

Love What You Do!


Build Your Dream Team, is a unique opportunity for dreamers and doers. When you open your personal assistant business, you'll have greater control over your days, flexible work hours, open-ended career progression, a greater sense of satisfaction, and a unique sense of community among the team you build! You've got the power, honey! And, power in a leadership role, comes with the privilege of blessing others. Imagine all of the people you'll help when you say, YES!

Our Standing Coffee Date


The beauty of this course've got me, babe! Twice a month, we'll have a zoom call where the questions your business is facing will get answers. Instead of taking a guess in the dark, we'll pull from my 15 years of experience, allowing you to make a wise and educated decision. I'm your built in sounding board and you get to bounce all of your questions and ideas off of me! This will result in your business going further, faster, longer!

I'm So Ready!