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What is a household assistant?

A household assistant acts as an extension of you. Imagine them as the extra pair of hands you wish you always had. Whether it's taking care of the kids, preparing dinner, or folding laundry your household assistant will take the same pride and care as you do when working in your home.

Who can use INJOY's services?

INJOY is proud to extend all our services to busy individuals nationwide.

Comprehensive Service

How do you know if our comprehensive service is right for you?
Choosing INJOY's comprehensive service is ideal for individuals or families who prefer a hands-off approach in the hiring process, relying on my expertise to manage the end-to-end recruitment journey. If you have a busy schedule or simply prefer a seasoned professional to handle the intricacies of finding the perfect household assistant, then my comprehensive service is the right fit for you. This option is designed for those seeking a seamless and efficient process, with the assurance of a reliable and qualified household assistant.

You're only looking for a few hours of help each week. Is INJOY help?

Currently, INJOY specializes in placing household assistants with a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week. However, my DIY Guide serves as an invaluable resource, providing you with the tools and insights to independently conduct a search for reliable help.

Will your household assistant work for INJOY?

The hiring process occurs directly between you and the candidate. INJOY acts as the recruiting agency, handling all the legwork on your behalf until the point of employment.

Why does INJOY offer training support?

Our virtual training course, INJOY Academy, ensures your new hire is well-prepared for success from day one. Unlike other agencies, we care about your household assistant's seamless integration into your home, providing valuable training that sets us apart.

What is the service fee?

When you choose INJOY as your recruiting agency to find the perfect household assistant, my fee structure is designed to ensure a fair and transparent process. I charge a placement fee of 22% of the assistant's total gross annual compensation. This fee covers my comprehensive services, including candidate search, vetting, training, and support throughout the hiring process and beyond. I believe in providing value for your investment, ensuring that you find the right fit for your family's needs.

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