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Let's face it. Life is busy, messy, and often chaotic. INJOY exists to remove the stress of the never-ending household to-do list, so you can stress less and do more of what you love. Sounds dreamy, right?

Services Include

Laundry Help
Food Prep
Tidying Up

How It Works

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At INJOY, we specialize in everyday household tasks! If you're ready to delegate yours, you've come to the right place!

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In our community, you'll be able to find assistants in your area who are ready and eager to assist you around the house.

Take Back Your Time

Do something you love and have peace of mind knowing your to-do list will get done without you having to lift a finger.


What People Are Saying

So Very Helpful

"I work full time and simply run out of hours in the day. Because of my assistant, I am able to spend quality time with my daughter."

Jen B.

Best Decision Ever

"Having an assistant is so amazing! Not having to think about dinner, with two young kids at home, is a game changer."

Lily M.

Can't Go Without

"My assistant takes the stress out of doing it all. Now, I know everything will get done and I can focus on what's most important to me."

Carrie L.